The Collosseum was the largest and most impressive amphitheatre from ancient times.  Few know that this very large and impressive structure was built by Jewish slaves (many of which who died during construction and many executed once construction was completed), and financed by plunder from Jerusalem.  This building was built very close to the Arch of Titus, the monument celebrating Jewish defeat in the Jewish War against Rome.

Also, the project was used to humiliate the Jewish slaves.

It is estimated that the Colosseum, which held Pagan and inhumane games - it is estimated that approximately 400,000 people were killed in the Colosseum during its history of operation, and many more animals.  This was an especial travesty, in that this primary site of such activities was financed by plunder from the Jewish Temple, and was symbolic in showing that the Roman Gods were able to defeat the Jewish God. Comments:

I think its time for the Jewish people to claim ownership over the Colosseum and Arch of Titus.